Migration France/Canada XVIIth-XIXth C

Norman, from the Gobeil family who was gone from Niort -ferme de Chey- to Canada in the middle of the XIXth C, wrote to me : “Hello Agnès, It was marvelous to meet you and spend the day together. You are a wonderful person and a great guide. Merci mil fois” #GuideConférencier #VisitesGuidées #Niort

Migration France/Canada XVIIthe-XIXth C

Impressive to heard the original french language form the XIXth century !!! Laurette (in the middle of the picture) speaks it !!!!!

The history of the districts Tour Chabot and Gavacherie in Niort

We have learnt that François Chabot, Lord of Pimpeliere,  Bourgneuf and Chaille, was  for the third time the mayor of Niort during the 16th century. He built a dovecote distroyed by the Mayor of 1970 !

The dovecote from the 16th century

The dovecote from the 16th century


We have learnt that Mr Deville, Lord of Legion of Honour married Marie Le Mouton de Boideffre. They built a dwelling at the begening of the 20th century, distroyed in 1975 by the Mayor.

The Deville's dwelling from the 20th century

The Deville’s dwelling from the 20th century

And on those ground for market gardening, the architects Le Sauter Brothers built towers in concrete from 1958 to 1967.

The Le Sauter's towers in concrete

The Le Sauter’s towers in concrete